JAWS Japan

The Japan Animal Welfare Society has been working hard to help animals in Japan for over 60 years...

About JAWS Japan

Since its establishment in 1956, the Japan Animal Welfare Society in Japan has worked to improve the welfare of animals. JAWS Japan operates as an advocate for animals, trying to alleviate their suffering and enable them to lead better lives.

With branches in New Tokyo, Yokohama, Tochigi, Nagano and South Osaka, JAWS Japan’s main activities include:

  • Animal adoption
  • Investigating potential abuse and rescuing abused animals
  • Working to ban animal fighting
  • Promoting spaying/neutering for dogs and cats
  • Lobbying for the establishment and revision of animal-related laws in Japan
  • Hosting educational workshops and seminars


“JAWS Japan sincerely appreciate the patronage of AWJ for the past 66 years, and their efforts to raise money for us. Although we have so far tried to expand our own financial basis, the support of AWJ has provided an indispensable financial base for our activities in respect of the improvement of animal welfare in Japan.

I am deeply honoured that we could work together in order to further improve the animal welfare in Japan and am confident that a bright future is sure to be foreseen.”

Yusuke Yasuda
Deputy Chairman, JAWS Japan

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Can you help?

We’re working hard to help support the day-to-day rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming of sick, injured and abandoned animals.

We rely on your generous donations to continue our work. Every donation makes a difference and is used to help animals in Japan. Will you make a difference today?