Some years ago this lovely beagle, Susie, was rescued by JAWS from a life of misery. She had spent five years imprisoned in a tiny cage, kept as a breeding dog for an animal-testing laboratory. If this weren’t shocking enough, her vocal cords had been removed. Silent and paralysed with fear, Susie needed a lot of care and attention at first, but JAWS was able to find her a loving home where she had the chance for a new, happy life.


Our Aims


The Japan Animal Welfare Society Ltd (JAWS UK) exists to provide financial support that will be used to combat animal cruelty and neglect in Japan. Our aims are to:


– Encourage a greater awareness of and compassion for animals in Japan

– Support the vital work of our sister society, JAWS Japan, and its branches throughout Japan

– Provide crucial funding for the training of animal welfare inspectors (veterinary officers) and their work in the relief of animal suffering

– Fund animal welfare seminars, designed to promote awareness and improvements in current animal welfare legislation

– Provide funds for vital animal welfare equipment, including veterinary drugs, humane cat traps and animal handling facilities

– Provide funds to animal welfare groups and individuals who provide approved animal welfare services in local areas

– Provide funds to support approved animal welfare groups and individuals who work to alleviate the suffering of whales and dolphins, zoo animals (including bears in parks) and horses used in ‘traditional’ festivals

– Promote and achieve the adoption and implementation of the Five Freedoms of Animal Welfare* throughout Japan.


We work towards our aims by raising funds in the UK, which are then used to develop a modern, enlightened and humane approach to animal welfare in Japan. We give specific funding to JAWS Japan and provide grants to support the day-to-day rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming of the thousands of sick, injured and abandoned animals throughout Japan.


*The Five Freedoms


We at JAWS UK, like many other animal welfare societies, believe there are rights every animal is entitled to:


1. Freedom from thirst, hunger and malnutrition – by ready access to fresh water and the correct diet to maintain full health and vigour
2. Freedom from discomfort – by providing a suitable environment, including shelter and a comfortable resting area

3. Freedom from pain, injury and disease – by prevention or rapid diagnosis and treatment

4. Freedom to express natural behaviour – by providing sufficient space, proper facilities and company of the animals’ own kind where appropriate to species

5. Freedom from fear and distress – by ensuring conditions that avoid mental suffering.


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